Computer Center

The state-of-the-art computer centre features the latest computers of the highest configuration, high speed internet connectivity and a vast collection of electronic educational material. All computers are networked and multimedia capable. Children are exposed to the cutting edge in computing technology.

Sports & Games

To "Make Man Whole" is the motto of Mount Zion. Children are trained to develop their strength, stamina and motor co-ordination by playing. The school also features teams trained by specialist coaches in various sports and games that will compete at the highest levels.


Safe and comfortable transportation is provided by a fleet of school buses and vans. Transportation facility will be provided to students who register for the service at the time of admission.

Other Features

Students are encouraged to actively participate in clubs which awaken the child’s intelligence and help students learn a variety of special skills. Students can also join in the dance, music, karate classes, etc. to expand their quiver of skills. Stress is placed on discipline, character moulding and personality development. Students are trained and encouraged to speak in English fluently.